Saturday, April 25, 2015

TBall Opening Day

Day of, E told me there was a parade, (W doesn't get one, so I forgot!).  I rushed to the party store for supplies to make the same "fire-breathing dragon snouts" I made last year
and also found a pinata. We ate dinner at 4:45, and headed to the ballpark.
B carried the dragon proudly!
this picture makes me laugh because of how joyful B is...then look at the kid behind him!
All three of my guys in one picture. No idea what W is taking a picture of....
but he got one in of me.
Proof that some kids actually did use the dragon snouts!

The parade route ended on a field,
where each team was introduced,
ran to the middle

I think they wanted to slide, but it ended more as a throw themselves down, except for B.

Maybe he knew I would never be able to get his pants white again if he did! ha ha ha
More likely, he was just too busy pushing up the sleeves of the white shirt I made him wear!
 The pledges, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and it was time for the games to begin!

Tonight's matchup: Our dragons vs the Gorillaz!
While I was watching from the sidelines with our good camera, W took my cellphone to the bench for some pics!

maybe asking W to take pics wasn't my best idea...
B's first ball was a foul
and his second pitch (from this handsome pitcher)
was to the outfield!
 Running from second
Go home!!
E and W left after this for W's practice on a different field.
B went to the outfield, first base!
He did great when he wasn't pushing on his sleeves and when he  remembered to keep his glove up!
After all of his team batted and ran in, he came to visit (and beg for water)!
Up to bat again!
first pitch= this: VIDEO
Outfield again, this time right field!
spinning around...

When a ball was hit between second and third, almost the whole team ran for it, including B who jumped on the pile of his teammates!
Good game!
The perfect ending-Free ice cream for all the ball players!
We watched some of W's practice, which went long, then went home sooo tired! Guess we had better get used to it!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Crazy Hair Night at AWANA

(all with two cans of colored hair spray I got on after-Halloween clearance for fifty cents apiece!)