Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool's "Food"

This year for April Fool's, I decided to go all out. (what can I say? It's a theme....) Some of these ideas I got from my mom (who did this breakfast when I was a teenager.) The rest I got online.

For breakfast, "eggs". (apricot half and vanilla pudding)
Lunch- I had a plan for this, but couldn't find the main ingredient. Guess I'll save that one for next year. ) Will was very disappointed he couldn't have his "tricky trickster" lunch.

- "sushi"(rice crispy treats, gummy worms or fish, fruit roll LOVED it. Not surprised, seeing the amount of sugar. )

Dinner- "cake" with "lemonade" (I wish I had thought to write "April Fools"on it with catsup...)(meatloaf, mashed potatoes, cherry tomatoes and in the cup, lemon Jello.)

Next year, "toast" or "grilled cheese", "hamburgers" and "pizza" (you'll see...)!!


Melissa said...

You are quite the holiday and theme lover!
Very cute. :)

Jacquelyn Hart McCoy said...

I did the meatloaf too! The eggs look great, and the sushi made me hungry. You are such a fun mom!!

LauraB said...

If I didn't hate meatloaf I would totally do is so cute!