Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dinosaur Day

Yesterday was dinosaur day!

W wore his dino pajamas and enjoyed a "strawberry stegasaurus" for breakfast. (I LOVE how it turned out. Why, yes...I did pick a green plate to simulate grass. How observant you are!)
We watched a dinosaur video during our t.v. hour, then sorted the dinosaurs from the other animals and took them outside to play.

For art, W colored and glued cornflakes onto a handwriting page.

Lunch was going to be grilled turkey and cheese (cut into dinosaur shape) but it was cheaper to make dinosaur mac n cheese. (although after tasting it, I wished I had gone with the sandwiches....) I was going to serve broccoli with it (because dinosaurs ate from trees), but forgot.

After lunch, we read books about dinosaurs

then it was nap time. Snack was themed too (of course!) with dinosaur fruit snacks and dinosaur cookies.

It was a fun theme day! (W said his favorite part was the stegosaurus.)

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