Friday, June 19, 2009

Past Parties

W's birthday party is tomorrow!! I love planning parties for him, so I thought I would show you some highlights of past years. (Once again using the blog as a replacement scrapbook....)


Theme: general sports (didn't really decorate, that is what was on the plates, napkins and hats.)
Location: inlaws
Guests: just family
Food: hamburgers and hotdogs etc. (W had the toddler vienna sausage things) My sister decorated his cake.
SECOND BIRTHDAY: I was disappointed in his first birthday, so I wanted to have a big to-do. Theme: Sesame Street Location: Church
Guests: family, 5 friends of W's
Food: Telly's triangle sandwiches, cookie monster cookies, Elmo's gold fish and Sesame Street juice.

Decorated all the cupcakes to look like characters.
It was themed big time! I did a lot with my scrapbooking supplies,

burned theme cds off i-tunes
for each child, and had a wall mural.
We played two games.

THIRD BIRTHDAY: Year of the big gift. (swing set)
Theme: Mickey Mouse
Location: our backyard
Guests: family only
Food: W's favorites, hot dogs, mac n cheese and fresh fruit. Also had hamburgers and brats.

FOURTH BIRTHDAY- It's a big one this year in our backyard, with family and 10 friends of W's, 2 cakes and 7 games! Phew!

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