Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toy Story Party

Sorry it took me so long. I had done so much planning, and was working on a photo montage with a complete rundown of the entire day, but was stressing over the perfect picture/wording etc. (who me?) In the end, I decided to just show some of my favorites. It was getting WAY too long anyway....

Started the afternoon with lunch "from Pizza Planet". (I hand drew the logo on a box my mom got for me and then served a party pizza in it.)

Guests were greeted by this as they pulled up:(I was proudest of this...thought of it that morning.)

After the party I asked W what was his favorite part and he said "coloring."...figures!
I didn't get any good pictures of them doing the Mr. Potato Heads, but they had fun at "Pin the badge on Woody"Next was "There's a Snake in my Boot" game. Obstacle Course- I bought black spray paint to fill in between the white lines, but after I painted one white line I knew no way had enough paint or enough energy to do all that. (The pink papers are supposed to be gum.)They were supposed to go one kid at a time and weave through all the obstacles. Didn't quite happen that way... Cake time. I was so sad that the special balloons I bought got all tangled up and couldn't be on the table. Doug lit the candles, My SIL and I cut and served. Most people wanted chocolate (which I will keep in mind for next year) W was especially excited about it and picked out the piece with the picture he liked. Presents- W read each card out loud.

He got many great gifts and no repeats. Handed out thank you cards right away (extra pictures of W taken before Halloween )
We tried to get a group picture, but between 4 people and countless takes, there was NOT ONE that had all the kids even looking the same way, let alone smiling. After most people left, my in-laws gave him a fish (which he promptly named 'Stinkweed"- the name he keeps telling us he wants to name his little brother.) None of the the games went exactly as planned, 7 out of 10 kids (and me) cried at one point or another, W and I kept mixing up E and C's dad, and it was extremely hot, but it was a GREAT party.

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