Thursday, January 7, 2010

OUR Polar Bear Club

Yesterday was Polar Bear Day! (Without the freezing cold swim!)Here are my boys, dressed for the occasionAt art time, W got super messy gluing tissue paper and cotton balls onto his paper.
W ate a fruit and fluffernutter polar bear. (It probably would have looked nicer if I had just used the marshmallow creme, but I wanted to feel like it had SOME nutritional value!)
After nap, we researched polar bears, looked at pictures of them and played polar bear computer games. Here's W's list of what he learned:
(Some got cut off. It says: Polar Bear Polar Bears eat seals Polar bear has fur to keep warm too babys.) I learned new things about polar bears too, like that their skin is black under their fur and what it sounds like when they roar!
We ended the day with a fun snack time- telling polar bear jokes and eating fish (just like polar bears)!


Trisha said...

Love it! Especially their outfits.

Candace said...

What an awesome theme day! (I love the fluffernutter polar bear!) :)