Sunday, February 7, 2010

Football Games

Saturday, we restarted our monthly Settlers games with a football-themed fest at our house. I loved the table. I made the chair covers with pillowcases, electrical tape and 1 piece of felt, and got the serving dishes and these from a party supply store.

We had sooo much food! BBQ meatballs, pretzel bread, salsa, popcorn, nachos, spinach artichoke dip, chips and these washed down with (Thanks, Doug for coloring in the labels on the water bottles!)

We got the kids occupied (first time B and my B got to see each other!)
and played our first game. It went pretty long, so after Dan won (LAME!") we took a mini break.

Perfect time for some DESSERTS (not shown: eclairs)
Do you get the peanut butter cookies?

The brownies were too fudgy to come out of the pan nicely, but luckily, they don't look too bad in there!
I'll leave you with two random shots from the day!

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