Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day Going Ons

My little groundhog got up late, while his brother started the day early with this yummy breakfast I saw at Gourmet Mom on the Go: I explained what Groundhog's Day was and we watched videos of real groundhogs at this site.

Then, W made his own groundhog
and used an old box I covered in white paper/"snow" to BE a groundhog. Here he is crawling through his burrow
and seeing his shadow. (VIDEO)


After that, we sang some new Groundhog's Day songs (or, as I like to call it, Whistle-pig Warblings)

Groundhog Day
(to the tune of Frere Jacques)
Where is groundhog? Where is groundhog? (Thumb behind back)Here I am! Here I am! (Bring thumb forward)Shadows on this sunny day, (wiggle thumb)Frighten groundhogs all away. (Thumb behind back)Winter will stay! Winter will stay!
Where is groundhog? Where is groundhog? (Thumb behind back)Here I am! Here I am! (Bring thumb forward)My, oh my, a cloudy day. (Wiggle thumb)I will stay outside to play. (Move thumb around)Spring is near! Spring is near!

Nine Little Groundhogs
(to the tune of "Ten Little Indians")
One little, two little,Three little groundhogs,Four little, five little,Six little groundhogs,Seven little, eight little,Nine little groundhogs,Sleeping down under the ground.

Little Groundhog
(to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot")
I'm a little groundhog short and stout,February second I will come out.If I see my shadow they will shout,"Six weeks more winter without doubt!"

Mr. Groundhog
(to the tune of "London Bridges")
Mr. Groundhog down below,Pop up through the fluffy snow,See his shadow watch him go,Winter's here to stay.
Mr. Groundhog down below,Pops up through the fluffy snow,Wide awake he wants to play,Spring is on it's way.

After lunch, nap, and a rousing game of Whack-a-groundhog, ( "rousing" meaning "B tried to eat the mallet while W played".)
W made his own dirt pudding for snack. I made the cookie groundhogs (another idea from gourmet mom on the go!) and crushed the oreos the night before.
Right after snack, our Scholastic book order from E's aunt came in with our Groundhog's Day books!!!! (When W actually goes to school and we get those papers monthly, I'm going to be BROKE!)

Next year, I want to get some more books, a stuffed groundhog and figure out something neat to serve for lunch....Maybe sausage.

Get it?

Ground Hog?!?!


kari Falk said...

I'm quite impressed with the breakfast!

Stacy said...

Such cute ideas! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your kids are so adorable!

Candace said...

It looks like you had a fun day! I love the picture of the boys with their groundhog headbands. :)