Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic-Sized Day

Yesterday, we had our own winter olympics.

The first event was the rings.
Then, B showed off his "guns" for E's mom in the body building competition. In the shopping relay, I went for the gold! Back at the Olympic Village (otherwise known as Chik Fil A) we ate and had fun. B's idea of "fun" is a little different than W's.

After we got home, we read some of our new books and W made his own Olympic torch for tonight's opening ceremonies. (which he didn't get to watch as planned because they started too late.)

All in all, it was an "awarding" day!

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kari FAlk said...

Cute! You went to Chick fil-A without me? I should have made cool pancakes for my boys today. The opening ceremony was late and very long!