Sunday, March 14, 2010

ROY G. BIV BASH (This post comes with a disclaimer.)

Saturday afternoon, we got together with Jen, Dan, Doug and Kari for a Settlers of Catan party. (We were supposed to do it Friday night, but Kari had I migraine and I had a touch of the stomach flu.) I didn't want to repeat last year's green-themed St. Patrick's Day game night so I decided on a rainbow theme.

Using items I already had at home, I decorated the dining room with streamers, balloons and little pots of gold.
We started off with a group picture (the boys' least favorite part).
Let it hereby be known, at the explicit request of one Douglas S., that any appearances or mentions of any person contained in the following blog post in no way represents their affiliation with or promotion of the homosexual movement. Instead, it emphasizes the rainbow as a symbol of God's promise to never again flood the earth as found in Genesis.

I even wore my rainbow socks for the occasion!"Sick from Overeating? That's how you know it's a party!"
We got Frisch's for lunch, but had plenty of themed drink choices,snacks, (the dip is a cloud)and desserts.

My favorite was the colorful cake W and I made.(We would have had even more goodies, but Jen and Dan accidentally left an entire bag of snacks at home! )

We broke out our new Catan cards (a necessity due to an unfortunate cherry coke incident) and the fisherman expansion I bought. After one game (in which Kari complained about the glare from E's head, Doug complained about his 26 minute wait for a turn and Dan aka "Jiggler" won), the boys decided they were going out to get salty snacks (and by "they", they meant "us"). Since obviously we didn't have enough food, we also picked up dinner.
Doug won the next game (He always wins one game every time all six of us are together.) and some of us changed into comfy clothes. Here's Jen decked out in her rainbow pajama pants and socks: (Way to stick with the theme!)The clothes must have helped because she won the next game! By 11:30, the party was over and we had "sprung forward" the clocks and gone to bed.

That wasn't the end of my rainbow theme, though. The next day, I made this colorful casserole! (tomato topped, orange pepper added, egg and cheese breakfast casserole with onions on a blue plate. Finished off with a glass of grape juice. )

We "tasted the rainbow" this weekend and it sure was fun!

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Candace said...

What a fun theme party. Your rainbow cake is beautiful! How did you get the swirls of color? I'd love the recipe! :)