Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prankfurter and Other April Fool's Fun

In an attempt to live up to last April Fool's Day, I laid the groundwork for my first trick a week ago. I put a travel-size tube of toothpaste on our sink and left it there until this morning, when I replaced it with this: It did trick E (who never even noticed the other one) but he said his first thought was, "I wonder where my lovely wife put the lid." I ignored the sarcasm and giddily thanked him for calling me "lovely".

At first, W wasn't very happy about his breakfast trick (an inside out sausage sandwich and a plate of milk), but quickly got into it.Art time was fast and easy. Voila, a homemade rock. Lunch was a prankfurter (W was surprised to find a banana inside) and chocolate "carrots". Check out W's outfit. I told him to put on the craziest, silliest outfit he could find. After we read our April Fool's books, W really got into the prank idea. For the rest of the day, he kept telling me I had spiders or snakes on my head, and he really got me when he said that Nanny and Papaw were here. (They are coming early tomorrow, so it could have been possible.)

W loved helping me make (and eat) "bacon and eggs" for snack,
and we "tricked" E by taking out the trash for him.
Our pranksgiving ended with "grilled cheese" (pound cake and tinted icing) it was a little overdone, but W didn't seem to mind!

What did you do for April Fool's?

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Melissa said...

My R told me there was a bug in my hair too. That was what her trick was this morning. Was that in a book or something?

Kari Falk said...

Looks like fun! I should steal some of these ideas for next year! You are so creative!

The Activity Mom said...

So creative! =) I'm going to try some of these next year!

Erin said...

LOVE these ideas too! We might have to make the grilled cheese! =o)