Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jellyfish and Crabs

To continue Zoo month, I planned an ocean week, but with doctor's appointments and errands, it turned into only two days!
A shame too, because I already had this cute outfit for B on whale day!

First, up, jellyfish.
We read a very fun and informative book.

W was amazed to learn that jellyfish don't have brains, hearts or blood!

Then, we watched jellyfish videos, put together a jellyfish puzzle online, and learned the first verse of our ocean week song:

Tune: “The Farmer In The Dell”

The jellyfish live in the sea.
The jellyfish live in the sea.
Heigh-ho, watch out below
The jellyfish live in the sea.

Outside, we played with a jellyfish tentacle (jump rope).

For art, W practiced his cutting skills by making tentacles in his favorite color and sticking them to contact paper.W even made his own jellyfish and seaweed lunch (with a little help from mom and a pot of boiling water)!

In the afternoon, I pulled out the great new activity I got from a neighbor. You pick one fish of each color, read the words on them and make a up a story using those words. (There a more activities for different levels.) Here are the stories W made up using the words he got:

Once upon a time, Billy had a race. And now, he was turned into a turtle by a very mean, angry wand. Then he turned round into a puffer fish. That’s it.

Once upon a time, Billy kicked his favorite baby brother, then finally he said. I don’t like you baby your just a plant, you’re just a tree. The forest is spooky, I’ll throw you in there. That’s all. The end.


W loved this activity, and asked to do it again and again. Plus, putting it away helps you practice your color sorting skills!

We ended the day with a jellyfish snack made out of jello and carrots. W loved it,

but my pictures didn't turn out very well. (Plus, I put my carrots in while the jello was still hot and they wilted in the fridge.) Click on the picture to see how it was made and the great site I found it on!
B participated in our Ocean theme by playing with a sea puzzle.
(Check out the copious drool. Tooth number six came in HARD.)

Tuesday, we talked about crabs. We added another verse to our song.

The crabs live in the sea.
The crabs live in the sea,
Heigh-ho, they scurry so.
The crabs live in the sea.

and learned the following fingerplay:
One little crab by the sea so blue, (Hold up one finger.)
Along came another crab, and that made two. (Hold up two fingers.)
Two little crabs swimming in the sea,Along came another crab, and that made three.
(Hold up three

Three little crabs playing on the shore,
Along came another crab, and
that made four. (Hold up four fingers.)

Four little crabs so glad to be alive,
Along came another crab, andthat made five. (Hold up five fingers.)
Five little crabs just having some fun,
Crawling on the sand in the hot summer sun. (Wiggle fingers.)
Liz Ryerson

During playtime, we went outside and learned the crab walk. (Bandaids courtesy of an eventful weekly family walk.)W did a "find the difference" ocean sticker book,
and then, for art, used his handprint to make a crab and colored the rest of the scene. The one crab book we could find at our library wasn't as informative as the jellyfish one, but it did tell a cute story.We ended the day with a dinner of crabcakes!Linked to Preschool Corner, StArt, and Show & Tell Blog Hop.


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Excellent activities. I love the cutting practice Jellyfish!

Playing by the book said...

I love your jelly and carrot jelly fish - I've never seen that idea before and they look just brilliant!

Stacy said...

Great ideas! Looks like a lot of fun was had!

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

My goodness, what a day! I love The Hermit Crab - it's such a cute story. Your hotdog jellyfish are adorable. I'll have to remember that one next time I bring my girls home with jellyfish stings from a morning at the beach!

Brimful Curiosities said...

We're hoping to do an ocean unit before we visit the aquarium this summer, so I'm going steal some of your ideas. Those jellyfish hotdogs are something else!

Kelly said...

Really great lesson plan ideas. I liked his lunch!

sbswtp said...

So fun!!! What a great themed week :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love all the cooking tie-ins. The jelly fish craft looks fun too. JDaniel has been talking about trying to eat a jellyfish lately. You gave me great ideas on how we can do that.

Ticia said...

what a great day of activities. We did the first one with the jellyfish when we studied fish. I love the idea of walking like a crab.

artsy_momma said...

I love all the jellyfish food ideas- so cute & creative!

Charlene said...

I love the jellyfish lunch, cute idea!

Looks like a lot of fun went on at your house with the ocean theme!

Stopping by from stART!

Rebecca said...

That jello jellyfish is adorable!! And i love the idea to make crabcakes too.

~Babychaser~ said...

These are great ideas. We're doing an "oceans and beaches" theme next week and I noted your craft ideas for us to do (if we get to them). Great work!

Jolanthe said...

Those jello jellyfish are cute!! :)

Jackie H. said...

My little guy has been begging to use scissors. He just turned 2 and we've never tried them out. hmmm, this cute jellyfish might just make me dive in!