Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jungle Week

Continuing our zoo month, this week we explored the jungle.We learned what animals are in the jungle (the bushbaby was W's favorite) with a fun sticker book ,

and song:
The animals in the jungle (sung to The wheels on the bus)
The monkeys in the jungle say ooh, ooh, aah, ooh, ooh, aah, ooh, ooh, aah,
The monkeys in the jungle say ooh, ooh, aah, all day long.
continue with parrots say squawk tigers say grrr ...
Then we played with jungle animalsate them, wore them,and stamped some for art. We also learned a song to help us remember the parts of the jungle:
There are 3 layers in the Jungle
Tune: If Your Happy and You Know It
There are 3 layers in the Jungle, Yes indeed.
There are 3 layers in the Jungle, Yes indeed.
The Emergents, Canopies, and the Understory.
There are 3 layers in the Jungle, Yes indeed!
and used our bottle cap letters to make the words of jungle layers and animals....
except for B who just dumped them out , kicked them around and tried to eat them!For art, we made animals and discussed what they eat and what part of the jungle they live in.

Parrots live in the canopy and eat seeds and insects,
Tigers (made by marble painting) live on the forest floor and eat meat. The boys ate tiger pancakes for breakfast (tinted with yellow and red food coloring. W's was topped with melted chocolate chips put on in lines. ) and together, we made banana pudding (just 3 ingredients!) for a monkey snack.

Of all the books we read this week, this was my little monkey's favorite:I tried to read him The Jungle Book, but he was much more interested in the movie. That's what we did this week, check out what others are doing here:

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Trisha said...

Great pictures and activities! I hate that Carson is missing them. We could go to the zoo any Friday in July except the 23rd. Let me know when you want to go.

Charlene said...

Lots of fun and creative stuff. Great theme!

catching up on my stART comments.