Sunday, July 4, 2010

11 months

This month, B has
  • tried mandarin oranges, brussel sprouts, spinach, corned beef hash, yogurt, cottage cheese, watermelon, pot roast, strawberry shortcake, smoked sausage, red beans and refried beans
  • has been very affectionate this month, climbing up my leg or onto my lap for hugs. Before this month, his pats were reserved for his dad (I only got one when I fed him when he was on my lap or when I had the nerve to hold another baby.) but I got a lot this month and I loved it!
  • loved his new push walking toy. The other toys he asks for/plays with? The broom, the big juice container, fake silverware and a truck. (He makes noise when he pushes it!)
  • been doing raspberries (spitting) constantly!
  • gotten a haircut, ate at two new restaurants, (he's scared of the noise of public toilets) went to two birthday parties and played in two play areas
  • been more adventurous with his cruising. He'll open a cabinet door and walk back and forth with it as it goes around, or switch from holding one thing to another thing on the other side.
  • shown he can stack two blocks. When I try to get him to add another, he just knocks the first two down.
  • developed a dislike for sweet potatoes, but loves the veggie flavored cheese puffs.
  • learned how to climb up all the stairs by himself and has started climbing on top of his toys (and even INTO the bathtub!)

  • loved us holding his hand to "walk" him. He can do it when you are only holding one hand, too.
  • has become the terror of the playroom. If he wants a toy that W has, he will make the most awful whining noise ever. If I wasn't his mom I would just give whatever it is to him so he would stop the racket. Instead I've instructed W not to give in and if the noise gets to him, to move to a different location or try to distract him with a different toy.
  • been dedicated at church and got his first Bible.
Only one more month until my birthday! Wahoo!!

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