Saturday, July 3, 2010

Symbols of Independence Day

Last year, we only talked about Independence Day one time. This year, we took a couple days to learn about some patriotic symbols.

We made a red, white and blue Uncle Sam craft, (After I took this picture, W added extra eyes "because it's funny")
and practiced math with a pin the star on Uncle Sam game.
We read about The Pledge of Allegiance,put the words in order, (W did this twice, then thought it was funny to read the words all mixed up.)and then practiced saying it.(VIDEO)

The boys dressed in red, white and blue
and ate red, white and blue snacks. We read books about the Statue of Liberty (one fact, one fiction) and learned where she was built, who made her and what she is made of. Then, W did a Statue of Liberty maze, connect-the-dots and coloring pages.

We read more books,
played a matching game and did patterns.We ended the week with our national bird, the Bald Eagle. We looked at pictures of real Bald Eagles, and learned they like to live in trees near water and eat fish.

We made our own Eagles from handprints. (I didn't realize we didn't have enough brown paint, so W traced his hands, then helped me cut them out. We used tape to hold them together because we already used glue this week, and I like to vary our methods.)For snack, we made another Eagle from marshmallows and coconut. You can find another cute Eagle dessert here.
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Jenny said...

Man, I just love all of it. I so did not celebrate this holiday very well, and now we're out of town. Maybe we'll have to do a post-4th celebration.