Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation Bible School

We had a western theme this year. Our title was The Good The Bad, and The Godly. Every night, W and I would head to church leaving E and B home to do dishes and spend some quality time together.

W and I dressed in our cowboy gear.
I worked in the snack area with some friends.
We decorated the room,
made, and then served haystack cookies (butterscotch chips and chinese noodles) with well water.

I also got drafted into the skits (that's me, far left in the long dress and bonnet). I am the physically abusive "mammy" (typecasting!)
W (aka "Woody") , made a cowboy necklace and relaxed "like a cowboy" (usually on Miss Angie's lap)!

Monday night, we got our VBS shirts.

I helped lead the singing,
served "fire snacks",
and got pictures of W at craft time

and lesson time.
Tuesday night, I decided to just stay in my "mammy" costume all night instead of changing twice.
The other snack girls joined my obsession with flashing my bloomers. (Apparently, "Mammy" is a brazen old hussy...)

In our skit, (which I wrote-last time I make a suggestion!!!) we had a (long!) dance scene that the kids LOVED!

and we finally remembered to bring in pennies for the Missionary copper rush.

W (who decided that for that night his name was "Wild Bill") got to color a bandanna,

and "eat like a horse" with his own feed bag during snack.

we served cactus cookies and cactus juice (green Koolaid) in the snack area,
In the skit, there was more dancing,
and I got to pick up one guy, (we barely fit through the door and I pulled a muscle!)
and pinch the cheek of another.

W had his own fun making a picture frame (He was the only one the whole night who made his vertically instead of horizontally!) and playing at game time.

The last night, we got to see real horses! W (I mean, "Woody") had no interest in petting it or even getting close to them.In our skit, I hit someone with a frying pan, and of course, got my granny groove on. W sat with his good buddy during snack time (beanie wienies) and during lesson time.For craft time, he made a prayer journal.
As usual, song time was spent with him reading the words to the song off the monitor instead of singing or doing motions. And it just wouldn't be VBS if it didn't end with someone getting a pie in the face. In this case, it was Binky (my son in the play) because the girls brought in the most pennies. (W didn't care that the boys lost, he just thought it was HILARIOUS that someone got a pie in the face!) VBS ended with kids chanting "Eat it, Eat it"!

It was a great and busy week. We didn't get the 100 kids in one night that we hoped for, but I know that the kids that did come heard God's word and had a lot of fun!

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