Thursday, September 9, 2010

Home From School

The best sight in the world!
A special after school snack- A juice box and a sugar cookie. (I drew Mario on it in chocolate icing.) He also got his favorite meal, spaghetti and meatballs, for dinner.
So, if W is the one going to school, how come I have homework?W said he had fun at school. With the staggered start, he only had about five kids in his class. Of course, he only remembered the names of three of them; two of those being girls!

W told me they had calendar time, got to hear an Amelia Bedelia story, draw a picture of himself, do a worksheet

and (his favorite) play on the playground like a first grader.

It makes it easier for me, knowing that he enjoyed school. Now just to make sure he doesn't get bored there! (They told us that they are no longer required to teach money in kindergarten and gave us a list of the order the letters would be introduced. Introduced? W reads Magic Treehouse books by himself!)


Annette W. said...

Nice drawing! He must get it from you...Mario was pretty distinct!

Great bus shot, too!

Kari Spear said...

I was thinking he had not been on the bus yet at all..I forgot he got to ride it home from school that day!!! So what did he think about the bus ride??