Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eat, Drink and Be (un)Scary

Church Costume Party 2010
If you come to our church on a normal Sunday or Wednesday, you'll see what you would expect to see. But once a year, on a weekend night in October, you would see this:

cheese roll ups that look like pumpkins (I brought these along with my toffee apple cookies. )a video game princess (me! I even had theme music but E's Ipod wasn't cooperating!), Minnie Mouse, a Southern Belle,

wild animals,
Cupid, someone struck by lightning,

married super heroes,
nerds, a bag lady with a chef,

a gypsy and a pirate deacon. You would also see us making a contest out of blowing paper cups off a table,
people willingly standing still while we throw candy at them, group ping pong,a game involving cups, balls and measuring tapes,and a booty shaking contest (complete with a pedometer)!Not your normal church service, sure. But always a LOT of fun!


Lindsay said...

What a fun service! Love your costume! We have a chili cook off contest this weekend for our church and we all get dressed up too :-)

Michelle said...

That's awesome! I LOVE the rolls ups :-) Spunky dress ups too!