Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fire Trucks

Last night, in honor of National Fire Safety and Prevention week, our library hosted a "Eat a Firetruck" Event. Not to be outdone, the boys and I did our own firetruck activities before we went!

We played with fire trucks (B's newest thing is to push cars with just one finger.)and put them in order of size.We worked on the Lego firetruck that W started on Sundaylistened to a firetruck song, and read fire truck books.W made a firetruck out of basic shapes,and reviewed more shapes with fire truck Bingo! He got them all on the first try, even the shape words!Before we knew it, it was library time! When we got there, we saw a real firetruck! (I thought it was planned, but turned out a Transformer right next to the library was on fire...)We checked in. W sat on the rug only long enough for the program to start, but preferred my lap for the story, the song and the visit from real firemen.
The firemen let all the kids try on their fire jacket, but W wanted no part of it. (I even tried to bribe him to do it, but even ice cream wouldn't budge him from my lap- especially since right about that time, the electricity went out because of the blown transformer!)

He made his edible fire truck in the dark.

When we got home, W wrote about his favorite part of the day (check out the erasor and tatoo! B loved putting the hat on and off of us!). The night ended with firetruck pajamas!Linked to Preschool Corner, StArt, Show & Tell Blog Hop, Tot Tuesdays, Read. Explore.Learn and Kids Get Crafty.


Kara said...

What an exciting trip to the library! We may have to try and recreate the snack!

amandab said...

Oh, wow! You have a lot of firetruck stuff! My little girl wants to be a "firetruck girl" when she is big, and she would have loved to have been part of your day, I am sure :D

Lindsay said...

What a great theme! I loved all of these activities.. Our neighbor is a fireman and Sammy is just starting to fall in love with them! I will certainly have to try some of these :-)

RedTedArt said...

Wow! Fire-engine galore at your house! What a fabulous post. So many different activities there. Must NOT show these to my son, else I will be busy all week!

Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!

Much appreciated!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love all your fire truck projects. We did some too.

kewkew said...

I had forgotten all about Fire Safety and Prevention Week. Been awhile since I worked in a day care and would have been reminded of it. Looks like a fun week at your house and the library. Really love the picture of B pushing the fire truck. I used to do a lot of projects based on shapes. Since Tabitha knows all her shapes now I had gotten away from it, perhaps I should get back into it for Amelia's sake.

Michelle said...

What a little boy's dream! Awesome crafts, snack and activity! *Ü*