Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reasons To Smile 4

My happy thoughts for this week:

1. Halloween books.
2. Homemade Fall gifts.
cranberry orange bread for W's teachers and bus drivers. (I made the tags out of paint samples!)3. Closing on the new land. Thursday night, our dream came true! (Good thing, because E has already spent a ton of money on hunting clothes!) We went out to eat to celebrate.
4. Thursdays. That is the day I always make a big, sit-down breakfast. This week I made sausage balls for the first time! Yum!5. Our dinner/game night with the "Kara" and Dan Falk. My theme this month was HalloBEAN. We had bean burritos, green beans, bean dip, jelly beans, and apple crisp with vanilla bean icecream! (and, if needed, Beano!)

Not only do I love hanging out with them (even though Kari beat me at a five-hour long game of Settlers), but I love how comfortable they feel at our house. Right, Brittany Spears Dan?

6. And, As always, my boys. (shown here at a play date with the Falks, which also makes me smile.)What made you smile this week?


Lindsay said...

What a fun set of pictures! I love the bread for the teachers and bus drivers :-)

Kayte said...

I love your HalloBean party idea. How fun is that. I haven't played Settlers of Catan before but I'm checking it out thanks to your suggestions.

Thanks for commenting over at my place. It's nice to meet you.


Candace said...

mmmm.....just thinking about sausage balls makes me smile!

I love the picture of your boys together - you can tell they love each other so much!