Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sponge Bob Everywhere

Usually, I have zero problems saying "no" to my kids.

"No, W, you may not play the Wii all day."
"B! NO! Get out of the dishwasher!"
"No, W, you may not have candy for breakfast."
"No, No, B! We do NOT eat out of the trash!"

that sort of thing....

But yesterday, when W came downstairs dressed like thisand begged me to "please, please, please have a Sponge Bob theme day", I couldn't say no. (Even though I don't really like Sponge Bob-no educational value and he's in his underwear half the time, for Pete's sake!)

I whipped up a Sponge Bob breakfast (eggs, toast, blueberries and watermelon), and printed off some Sponge Bob worksheets.

The nets from the Elefun game were perfect for some "jellyfishin'". (Don't you love W's red sock "tie" hanging from his waistband?)Look, B caught something even cuter than a jellyfish!Unprompted by me, W made his own Sponge Bob play set, complete with Patrick, Sponge Bob, Squidward and their houses.I did a bit of coloring myself to make W a puzzle out of this printable page.We were fresh out of "crabby patties" for lunch, but I did serve the boys "Patrick" ham with their leftovers.Once I started digging, I found a ton more Sponge Bob stuff that I didn't realize we even owned- a book from Earth day, a boxing toy E brought home from work, toothpaste,and a blanket! (No wonder W wanted a theme day, this stuff is everywhere!)Snack was cheese crackers (that I only bought because they were on sale), and fruit snacks that one of W's friends gave him. After all that, I was Sponge Bob-ed out!

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Lindsay said...

What a fun theme! Glad W came down dressed for the theme :-)

RedTedArt said...

What a fab Sponge Bob day!!! I know what you mean, not my favourite either, but think it is wonderful that you "gave in" and let him have his fun. You are a cool mum!!!!

Thanks again for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


Shannon said...

What creativity on such a whim!

TheRockerMom said...

I'm amazed that you were able to pull all of that together at a moment's notice.... very impressive. I'm not a big fan of Spongebob, either, but it really looks like your little ones had fun. Thanks for sharing! (visiting from Preschool Corner)

KJ said...

Wow!! How were you able to do that all on the spur of the moment?? I need a week to process an idea, look for stuff, add my own ideas, etc.....I'm super impressed!! I'm not a big Sponge Bob fan either...but you made him educational that day! :) Great job, Mom!

I'm stopping by again from the Preschool Corner link up, but now I'm your newest follower!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Sponge Bob is not my favorite either, but you did a great theme day!

Michelle said...

I'm not really a fan of Sponge Bob either - once again though you whipped up a WONDERFUL day!! Your boys are very lucky indeed :-)