Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Humpty Dumpty Day

Nursery rhymes are a regular part of our song time, so today I used one as a theme!

We read Humpty Dumpty books, did a Humpty Dumpty craft (W did all the cutting, folding, etc for his, B glued his arms and legs on and decorated it with markers.), (Yep, W's egg looks like that on purpose. He made it to look like the egg in one of the books we read today and added a belly button because it was "funny".)and used our craft to act out the rhyme!

We talked about rhyming words and wrote some on our Magnadoodles,

learned a new song (found here),
tune of Three Blind Mice

rolled a Humpty Dumpty (printable here),
ate a Humpty Dumpty lunch, (inspired by this and this)

watched the Humpty Dumpty episode of Super Why,"found" Humpty Dumpty in the alphabet with a squeeze game I made (using clip art and these), and then put thing back together! It was a fun day of educational play!


Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

So glad you stopped by my blog today- I LOVE yours and all your fun ideas! :) Excited to look through it some more and find things to do with my little kiddos.

Walking by Faith said...

What sweet boys, and what a fun day together! My daughter is 6 months old, so we still have many of these fun days ahead. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll keep coming back and become a follower as well! Also, be sure to check out the two giveaways I am hosting this week. :)


Jill said...

Thank-you so much for linking to me! Looks like you guys had a really fun day and I love all the projects you did!

RedTedArt said...

Now though I love your humpty plates, I ADORE your dinner plate - how fun to have a "real" egg humpty dumpty! Brilliant again!

Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


Last Minute Mel said...

Love the humpty dumpty lunch..very cute :)

Lindsay said...

What a fun theme! Love the egg crafts and lunch!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love that picture of B! CUTE!

Great theme and craft and super clever lunch too!


Together Time 4 Families said...

Fun to see all the activities you did - nice variety. I just did Humpty Dumpty with a class of Head Start friends. We made a wall of blocks and dropped a raw Humpty Dumpty egg from the wall as we recited the rhyme. Oh what fun and lots of laughs. Good opportunity for language - egg attributes and different egg dishes.
Susan at Togethertime4families.com

radn said...

Loved the Humpty Dumpty meal! so cute!

I am having a giveaway on my blog. $20 store credit from My Carrie Creations to get a backpack with your kids fav character ( Buzz light year, dinos, mc queen and more). Check it out.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. I love the reenactment! The food display is great too.

jfb57 said...

I just love the lunch! How brilliant & very encouraging to reluctant eaters! Hi - I found you via Red Ted Art who thought you might like to link over at the Resource Centre (there's a badges!). It is a resource for teachers who need lots of ideas! I do hope you will pop over! http://t.co/3L9nBUJ Julia

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

the humpty dumpty lunch is so clever...

thanks for sharing this as well!

Rachel at Sun Scholars said...

Awww... such great ideas! I love the lunch. Oh my gosh... you are so clever!!!

Thanks so much for sharing this at For the Kids Friday! I appreciate you stopping by! I'll be posting this week's party soon. I hope to have you back for the next party!

:)rachel at SunScholars.blogspot.com