Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Morning Making

I was on a roll today!

I made a bat breakfast (idea from here),packed W a spooky lunch of "spiders", "goblin fingers" and "ghosts", and then, after getting myself ready (complete with festive nail polish) and cutting out 48 bat wings, I still had a couple minutes free before I had to leave for W's class party. So, I decided to make a Halloween shirt! (W was already wearing his monster jeans ...didn't want B to be left out!)

I took a Valentine shirt from last year, ripped off the tie and added green paint, googly eyes and a cut up circle of white, self-stick felt! (Idea from here.)

Easy! A mummy from B's mommy! (Excuse the orange icing he got on it...should have taken a close-up BEFORE the class party! Also, pay no attention to the streak of green in his hair because I put the shirt on him before the paint was dry...)

Now if I could get this same kind of motivation for cleaning instead of crafts....

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Love the lunch! The shirt is great!!!