Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

Our morning started off great, with W excitedly giving me a bag of truffles (that he wouldn't let E leave the store without) and me, serving a breakfast of heart-shaped bacon , muffins, scrambled eggs and pink milk. (E said, "Why can't I have regular bacon?!?!)

The boys got their goodies from Mom and Dad (and immediately split a Twix bar). After we got W off to school, B and I tried to decide which Valentine's Day shirt he should wear,

read Valentines books
and did crafts. Yesterday's was a Valentine for Nuna,and today's was for wearing! (Don't be fooled by this picture, the first couple takes were of him with a grumpy face because he did NOT want to wear it.)
Lunch, for B was packed in a heart-shaped chocolate box, while W had leftover pizza, a heart dessert, a Valentines apple and baby carrots, which I painstakingly cut into little hearts for him.
I also included some love verses and a Valentine's napkin!

After lunch, we got ready to go to W's school party. I wore my Valentine's socks just for the occasion.
B was a big hit at the party! The kids gathered around him, petting him and giving him high fives.
Then, they made a seat for him and gave him all the candy and treats he could eat!While I was leading the class in a rousing game of themed Bingo, the kids passed out their Valentines. (It cost nothing for us to make W's, we already had everthing, YEAH!) After Bingo, the kids used the conversation heart markers to do some math/guestimation and play Tic Tac Toe.
Back at home, the boys checked out the haul. and waited for their Nuna to come over.
Last year, we ate at a castle, but this year, I made dinner at home. We ate mashed potatoes, sugar snap peas, heart-shaped meatloaf , and roasted asparagus. The boys had fancy drinks of Sprite with heart-shaped Kool-aid ice cubes and a special straw. Dessert was cupcakes with hearts in them . (The hearts would have shown up better if I had used red food coloring like the directions said, instead of mashed strawberries...oh well.) After dinner, I planned on all of us watching our second Charlie Brown valentine movie, but both our TV's were on the fritz (something with the cable box, hoping to get it fixed today.)

It was a great Valentine's Day!
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Lindsay said...

What a great valentine's day! I love the heart shaped bacon!