Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Take me out to the ball game

Yesterday was a big day for my boys; we took them to their first professional baseball game (thanks to free tickets from Boy Scouts)!

While we were waiting for E to get home from work so we could leave, we did some activities to get us pumped for the big event:

We ate a baseball breakfast,
 watched Magic School Bus Plays Ball, did some math activities,  made a baseball craft,

and played some baseball computer games.

It was a perfect day for baseball! We paid for parking and walked to the stadium. Our first stop was to get the boys' first game certificates, then it was off to our spot. We walked forever (because E refused to ride the escalator) and my knees were shaking because the steps to our seat were so steep, but we had a great view of the field. 

The boys were all smiles as we waited for the game to start!

The Reds started off strong.  I decided that Joey Votto is my favorite player because I like the intro song he picked (Paint It Black).
 The funniest part of the game was when Jay Bruce came up to bat. The first time it had happened,  the crowd made a lot of noise. I asked E why they were booing him, (because he hadn't done anything yet) and E said, (well, I thought he said) that they were yelling "Moose".
I assumed it was his nickname, so the next time he came up to bat, I told the kids to yell "Moose". The three of us were screaming it as loud as we can and E was shaking his head "Hun! They are saying Bruce for his last name!!
W and B kept busy eating the popcorn and sweets I had brought with us (but still begged for a pop and cotton candy!), watching the strikeout fire and the Home Run fireworks,

playing along with jumbo screen and trying to get on TV (two groups in our section made it!), watching the ball speed and yelling with the crowd.
but they still were over it by the end of the third inning.
B kept saying he "needed something to do". I pointed out the river boat and tried to get him to see if he could find any numbers in the stadium, (an idea from this post at Teach Mama) but he wasn't having it.

After a couple more innings of watch an intoxicated, gender neutral Braves fan talk super loud with a kid in front of us and another entire inning where I scraped off the gum that W got all over his seat, we left at the seventh inning stretch.

 The Reds ended up winning, and we all had a good time. I liked singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" before we left, W said his favorite part was the snacks and B liked the fire.
Fun night!

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Lindsay said...

What fun!! I love going to games but I have yet to take Sammy.. I need to get on that!