Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vacation Bible School

Counting their coins for the "Copper Caper". (The boys brought in more than the girls.We ended up with a total of 180lbs of pennies for our  missionary to Japan, and B Jones got a pie in the face!)

This was my second year as a leader and I had great helpers! (We reused the aprons I made last year.)
We served Fig cookie Bibles,(these took FOREVER to make!)
Creation snack mix, (mini oreos for light and dark, shredded wheat for heaven and earth, stick pretzels for trees, orange and yellow m&m's for sun, gold fish crackers (fish), animal crackers (animals) and mini marshmallows (pillows because he rested the seventh day!).
"lamb's wool" and Kool-aid (representing the story of Abraham and Isaac and how God provided a sacrifice),
cross cookies with milk,
and Bugles (trumpets celebrating Christ's return).
B, at first just swayed along to the songs, but by the end of the week, really got into the motions, (video)

W just looked at the words and sang.
I played the french maid who used her feather duster for hitting the bumbling detective
 more than she used it for cleaning. 
 (I made the "apron" myself out of an old shirt so I wouldn't have to buy anything. 
My headpiece is made of doilies!) ...I wonder if E got tired of seeing me in my pink foam curlers every night?
 B started out in the nursery, but ended up in the Beginner class. Guess I should have bought him a Tshirt, too!


It was a great, but busy, week! I think all the kids had fun!(Seen here with their "mystery" prize-sunglasses. Another night they got magnifying glasses, another night plastic bracelets.)

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Lindsay said...

What a great VBS you guys put on!! Sammy is attending this week at a church we have friends that go to. I hope it is fun :-)