Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun Fourth

Independence Day and our friends on the way....
this calls for red, white and blue duds

 for all of us! (Love these shoes, that remind me of my favorites from junior high-I wore those till they rotted off my feet! )

Eric even got into the spirit!
The food was all themed (of course). I supplied the patriotic drinks (Koolaid that starts red and turns blue and floats made with blue Mt. Dew and Big Red),


 chips and dip and flag pizzas (It was just food coloring, but no one wanted to eat the blue cheese!),
Kari brought the themed tableware, repeated my chip and dip flag and made fruit kabobs, firecracker cookies,

 and chocolate covered strawberries.
We ate until we were stuffed, then  Zach-proofed the upstairs played Settlers.
To keep from hearing "is it time yet?" one more time, we took the boys outside 
for poppers and smoke bombs. 

An unexpected rain shower drove us indoors, making time for a second game (that E won) while our kids hit the costume closet!

B was Mario (although he ate dinner as Batman), and W used construction paper and old clothes to make his own Flash costume.

Finally it was dark. We called the boys from the playroom for a quick patriotic snack, (frozen yogurt "firecrackers")
and sparkler time! "Captain E" manned the fireworks table,
and the boys tried out the "sparkler shields" we made for them out of cups.
 They worked great....until B's caught on fire!
 No more shields for us!

 We stayed outside as long as we could, catching glimpses of the neighbor's (illegal) fireworks. We can't wait until next year to do it again (this time with a bandana theme-my idea- and bigger fireworks-the guys' opinion!)!

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Lindsay said...

What a fun 4th of July!! Looks like everyone had fun! I love the firework snack!