Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Bucket List

Today is the first day of Fall-time for another bucket list!

·         teacher gift
·         First day of school pictures – chalk on driveway titles
·         special  first day of school lunch
·         drink apple cider
·        acknowledge football season (made football meatloaf!)

 ·         game night with friends from church
·         do an apple craft
·         go apple picking with the Falks (scheduled for today!)
·         make an apple treat
·         Make fall cookies
·         E go golfing
·         Make Uncle Nate a birthday gift!
·         treats for fire or police station on Sept 11
·         celebrate an obscure holiday. 
·         eat a pumpkin roll  
·         leaf theme day  
·         homemade stickers
·         Owl craft or treat
·         Try a new soup recipe
·         Teach boys to play marbles
·    Acorn-roll painting and/or treat
·      go to the eye doctor 

·         Go Trick or treating, eat candy in Halloween pajamas
·         Make a Halloween shirt
·         Pumpkin craft
·         Pumpkin food
·         Popcorn month
·         watch Halloween show (s)  
·       Go camping, bring s’mores bars 
 ·         Register W for basketball
·         Carve/decorate pumpkins 
·         Buy and use Frisch’s Halloween gift certificates
·         Go to the Pumpkin patch, take fall snack mix
·         make candy bag out of duct tape 
·         make spider craft
·         Hand print candy corn/candy corn theme day
·         special Halloween lunch and/or dinner
·         Spider web theme day
·         Egg carton bat, baggie snack
·         Eyeball bracelet
·         Monster tissue box craft and/or hoodie
·         Mummy craft and/or food
·         Skeleton craft
·         Halloween cereal!
·         Cat craft
·         human body theme day
fall bath
·         Fire safety theme day
·         Church Halloween party
·         celebrate Frankenstein Friday or National Frankenstein Day
·         pumpkin seed necklace
·         haunted house craft
·         buy mums and display in hollowed out pumpkin
·         Columbus day snacks and/or craft 
·         Jack o lantern old lady story and cutting, food and/or craft

·         Celebrate a weird holiday
·          candy(sequencing) and skittle water paint
·         Real leaf craft
·         Take a leaf pile/raking picture
·         Nut patterns?
·         Keep up with thanksgiving memory place mat
·         Thanksgiving snack mix?
·         Special Thanksgiving lunch
·         Thanksgiving tee shirt
·         nail art! 
·         Turkey craft
·         Turkey food
·         Host thanksgiving dinner
·         make cornmeal play dough 
·         Indian corn craft or snack
·         Fall tree craft
·         Mayflower craft and/or activity
·         Native American or Pilgrim craft and/or activity
·         Cornucopia craft
·         Basket craft
·         Pie activities and/or baking 
·         scarecrow craft and/or snack
·         Crow craft

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Lindsay said...

Whew what a list!! I am going to write mine very soon.. I have a running list in my head.. but that didn't work out so great this summer! I will write it down!