Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Happenings

We filled the last few days before Halloween with all kinds of crafts and activities!

Over the weekend, I painted bags for the boys to collect their candy in,
got out all our Halloween books, and made a pumpkin-shaped ham and cheese stromboli for Lifepointe night at church! 
Monday, B made a handprint candy corn, 
 and matched candy corn numbers and dots with an activity from Hey Mommy Chocolate Milk.
After lunch,
W, who was home sick from school, kept busy with some bat math, Halloween alphabetical order sheet and (his newest obsession) cursive writing printables.
Tuesday, I served mummy monkey muffins for breakfast,
B found letters in unpopped popcorn, told me their sounds and put them in order,
and made a mummy candle craft.(Guess who picked out his own outfit today?! ha ha)
B had some jack o lantern grilled cheese served on a spider web plate for lunch,

and colored a crayon resist web.

W colored a jack o lantern graph

and they both enjoyed the spider web episode of Wild Kratts for tv time!
Bring on the holiday!

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Lindsay said...

Will you come plan my holidays for me? You guys always have so much fun!