Saturday, October 20, 2012

Keeping Busy

This is how we entertained ourselves this week:
egg carton bat craft

"stop drop and roll" practice, a paper plate fire alarm craft and Fire Safety week books!

Granola bar taste test, using this recipe from Brown Thumb Mama and four different toppings. (The s'mores beat the raisin, cranberry and plain hands down!) 
When we went to the pumpkin farm, I wanted to get a pumpkin to hollow out and put flowers in, but they were too pricy. E picked up one for me at Aldis, then bought flowers for me the next day and hollowed it- all without me every saying a word. So thankful God gave him to me!

Making orange fluff for dessert!

beaded pumpkin necklace
Spooky float using silicone ice cube trays. 

Love my family!

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Lindsay said...

aww so sweet! Nice job E! You got some great guys in your family!