Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Farm

Yesterday was our annual pumpkin-picking trip!

We started the day with some pumpkin pancakes,

then met a group from our church at our favorite pumpkin farm!

We had fun with the usual photo opps,


(this picture cracks me up...I even considered making it my facebook profile picture!)
and on some new ones!

Hay ride time!
 Must have not had a good pumpkin crop this year because instead of the usual circus-staged pumpkins, there were a lot of stuffed scarecrows. B even said one looked like Uncle Doug!

 B found his right away,
 but W looked for the perfect pumpkin (something he could carry, smooth, round, not too tall, no flat spots or soft stem)

 B's was ten pounds, W's was fifteen.
A new ride-the bumpy cow!

 (I think W went on it only out of peer pressure!) VIDEO

 While E took W and a bunch of his friends through the corn maze,

B and I had fun with water, animals and the hay bale maze!

 Love this tradition!

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Lindsay said...

Those pumpkin pancakes look delicious! What a fun time at the pumpkins patch! We are going this Saturday :-)