Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yo ho ho and a bucket of Fun!

Last year, our Sunday school Halloween party was themed around the decades "fifties" and "seventies". This year, we did cowboys and pirates!
E and I were Captain Jack Blacksparrow and Gunpowder Grace Darkwaters , ARRRRGGGGHHHH! (so hard to find modest costume!  I'm wearing an entire outfit UNDER the costume!)
We ate (BBQ) first. I brought some jack-o-lantern soda and caramel apple cookies from Pinterest.

Back at our tables, 
we told some pirate trivia and gave some clues, then took a dessert break.
Next was more clues and finding out who was "murdered",

followed by another break, (with a movie quiz where I was the only one to know
'Princess Bride" (seriously?) and a guess that word game).

The very last round, we accused people and revealed who "dun" it.

It was me! (I had no idea!)
Fun night!

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Lindsay said...

You are so creative!! jack-o-lantern soda! How did the cookies taste.. sounds like something I would like! I think your custome turned out cute and.. what is with costumes now a days? Sounds like it was a fun night.. I can't believe you killed someone! *wink*