Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Break and BopBop

E's dad flew into town yesterday! The boys were put into one room during his stay, and they loved it!
We had our Christmas (#4) on Thursday night. We opened presents first, (B got the Bumblebee rescue bots playset, Lego duplo set, Play-dough and Optimus prime. W got the Ninjago season 1 DVD and a giant Lego set. E got a hunting rifle and I got a Target gift card that I can't wait to spend!)

  then invited the extended family over for roast beef (my dad hooked me up from his hospital), crockpot mashed potatoes,fresh bread and my SIL's cheesy vegetable casserole.
First thing Friday morning, W built his Lego set!
that night, we went out for some Mexican food!
Saturday, E and Tom tried to fix the microwave 
 then took the boys out to play in the snow 

while I made pizza "cupcakes", lemonade punch and meatloaf "cupcakes".
 After a quick nap, 
 we were all ready for my niece's first birthday party (cupcake themed)!

 Tom was glad to leave his coat here as he went back to sunny Florida on Sunday morning.  It was a great visit!

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