Friday, December 21, 2012

On the Third Week of Christmas....

day 16
Holiday House" during church (W's class worked hard for over a month earning "Santa bucks" to shop for presents for their families. W came home with two bags full! I was peeking under the tree and saw he got giftsnot just for us, but two of his friends!)

E and I wrapped presents this day, too! Phew-glad it is done!

day 17

Cub Scout Christmas party! We brought a candy cane lacing craft. W also decorated a goody bag, made a Christmas tree
and got an ornament and a bunch of goodies!

day 18
making Grinch cookies for a Grinch feast at W's school

day 19 
haircuts (gotta look fresh for all the photo opps!)
 and Christmas Legos!

day 20
Baking Treats! For E's coworkers....

 and for Christmas at Nanny and Papaw's!

day 21
W's special lunch with the principal to celebrate him being December's student of the month!! (He got two pieces of pizza, a rice crispy treat and two capri suns!)
School party!
 I was in charge of the craft (elf hats). Don't they look great!
  (I made W's shirt using dollar store antlers and hot glue!)
Yum, snacks!
 The first of our four Christmases start tonight!

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Lindsay said...

Whew what a week! Love W's shirt! How fun that the student of the month gets to eat lunch w/ the principal and yay for student of the month!!