Monday, January 28, 2013

W's Eighth Year... so far

was in a bad mood and "needed some alone time" after he didn't get to go to the library.
went through a hoola hoop phase

playing at playground before movies at the park
Had fun with all parts of B's powerwheel

(his goal was to sleep in the box all night, but he only made it a half hour or so before he got back into his bed!)
checking out Stink and Geronimo Stilton books using his very own library card out of his very own wallet. (Got at a yardale to keep the spendable part of his allowance in.)

getting a drink after some sweaty fun at Jump Zone
still taller than B, but the gap is closing!

Started second grade.
sept 6 conquered the monkey bars !
started sleeping with his blankets balled up in a "hamster pile".

decided he doesn't like hot dogs
loves getting his Boy Scout magazine
water backpack he won for selling Cub Scout popcorn

walkathon at school

started writing us notes instead of talking to us
When I asked him to pick between jelly on his peanut butter sandwich or a dessert for his lunch, he wrote, "I'm mad"
gets very upset when we laugh, even when he says something funny

very into his drawing. Created his own art wall

asked him how he wanted his PB&J cut for lunch and drew me a picture so I could make this:


sewing his own red patch vest at Cub Scouts

reading at bedtime

was student of the month!
 video of his laugh- cracked me up every time

 decided he only liked broccoli stems not the heads.

I said "I'm tired" and W retorted "probably from all that eating."

His "I have a dream" writing. Other kids wished for world peace, no trash in the world, bring back dead people and animals, MY kid said this:
 fave shows Arthur and Wild Kratts
made up a Lego Ninjago quiz and a math worksheet for me to make

Tried orange juice with pulp. "Mom, it tastes like you cut my hair and put it in it."
When they spent the night with their Nuna so E and I could go out, he asked if on our date we were going to watch " a romantic movie of love".

after I gave him a sucker from the bank he  said he was going on a diet. When I reminded him of our weekend plans (which included some dessert occasions) he said he would start Monday (Now he sees how diets really work! ha ha)

Had some issues with an unteachable spirit in bball, going to work on that.

took him lunch at school

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