Friday, March 29, 2013

Carrot Craziness- annual Egg Hunt

Today was my annual Good Friday egg hunt/brunch for my family. This year's theme was carrots!
I set the table with carrot items

(Each place setting had an egg with the person's name on it and some treats! I also made green bean casserole for the first time ever!)

and made carrot food

while the boys anxiously waited for Nanny and Papaw.
  As soon as they came, I gave my nephew, Z, a shirt to match my boys
 and let the "big guys" chat for a minute.
Dinner time!
 The kids got special "carrot" drinks
and their own table.
One of my favorite stories from the day was when Zach decided he wanted to eat some of my centerpiece!!

After dinner, E and Nate "hid" the eggs while Nanny gave the boys their Easter basket.
 Finally, it was egg hunting time! Ready, get set....
Dad and Pud watched from the deck.....

There were so many eggs, the kids filled their baskets and had more in plastic bags!

 even my baby niece got a chance!

We gathered on the deck to open the eggs, but added a new rule- they had to close the eggs again after taking the candy out! (That will make my life sooo much easier when I stuff them next year!) 

After treats, the kids stayed outside and played some carrot sports,

 used the bikes, sidewalk chalk and swing set,

 and blew bubbles (carrot ones, of course).
 Back inside, I served my carrot patch brownies

and carrot cheesecake.
 and my brother told E he would give him a dollar if he ate the whole bag of "edible" Easter grass (barely edible- it even has a warning on the label to not eat in large quanitites!).
Challenge Accepted!

He paid up!
We watched Brave (which I hadn't seen before) and then it was time for them to go.
I think everyone had a good time- love spending time with my family!

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Lindsay said...

What fun!! Can I be in your family.. you guys always have a blast!