Friday, June 28, 2013


As soon as we got back from vacation, we hit the ground running with Vacation Bible School! The theme this year was S.O.S. (Save our Souls).
This year, I was in the skit every night,
 planned all the crafts and was in charge of the snack area.  I had the best helpers ever!
 Day 1, we talked about Noah's ark, so we ate a rainbow and some animal crackers!

Day 2, was the parting of the Red Sea. Some boxes of Jello went missing, but we managed to feed all the kids, phew!
W, unfortunately, had baseball this night, but B had a blast!
Day 3, Jonah day,  was the kids' favorite snack, "fish guts" and "whale tales" (chips and salsa).
 (W, listening to the totals of the boys vs girls penny drive for missions.)
 Every night all the kids got a little prize. This night it was pop up fish!

Day 4, Jesus Calms the storm, we served cheese and apple boats along side some blue "ocean water". Some kids decided to pour their Koolaid into their bowls and try to float their boats!! That same night, a little girl asked me if I brushed my hair because "it looks knotted"! Kids! ha ha

The boys got to be a captain for a while.

 Invisible light saber fighting. (You can see their prize (bag) and craft (tornado bottle) in the background.)
 For the last night, "fishers of men",

the boys helped me make 430 pretzel melts for snack.

Just like every other night, the gospel message was given. I'm so thankful for our church!
 The kids actually tied in the penny war, but with the adult's totals, the girls won and Pastor Scott got a pie in the face. His wife had a great time giving it to him!

It was a fun, busy week!

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Lindsay said...

What a great VBS! Cute snacks! My favorite is the parting of the Red Sea!