Sunday, July 21, 2013

Turbo Weekend!

We had a fun, full weekend! We had planned a game night on Friday with our friends, the Falks, but their son was sick and they cancelled. Instead, we planned another night at the drive-in!

Turbo was playing, so for breakfast the day of, I made the kids snail cinnamon rolls!
 a handprint craft- Doesn't my niece have the cutest little hand?

W went to town on his!
The boys were excited about their popcorn and drinks....

and themed fruit snacks!

I only ate cabbage for dinner so I wouldn't feel so guilty about my raisenettes, Dr. Pepper and popcorn!

The movie was cute (even though I HATE slugs and snails and gagged a little each time the characters stuck to something).
The boys watching the show....

I sat up in car with the boys for half the movie, but since I had put my camera in the cooler bag, the pictures didn't turn out very well! 

 Saturday, E went camping with Doug, so the boys and I met Kari at her neighborhood pool.
 W loved playing ball with Kari,

  but B's favorite thing was releasing the air pockets he got in his shorts when he got in! So funny!

Afterwards the boys and I tried Jimmy John's for the first time. It was good and it only took ten minutes from the time we hung up to the time we had our subs!

Sunday after church, we had W's end-of-the-year baseball picnic. There was a relay race,
and a water balloon toss.

We had a pitch in, and W loved playing inside with all of his friend's (the coach's son) Legos and toys. I was proud of myself for staying outside and socializing most of the time (hard when you are a semi-introvert who prefers the indoors, like me.)
At the end, we presented the coach's with their end-of-the-year gift, chairs signed by the whole team.
They liked them!
It was a busy weekend, but we had a blast!

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Lindsay said...

whew what a weekend! I LOVE the cinnamon rolls! The coaches gift ideas!