Saturday, August 3, 2013

FOUR -a Camo Camp-out!

The party is here!
Dad was a big help setting up things...the birthday boy, not so much.
 We were ready to "Rough it"!

 Playing before dinner

 The idea was for the kids to cook their own hot dogs...
E even sharpened some sticks to go the old fashioned way
but it didn't really work out that way. My mom, and two friends cooked all the hot dogs

and put it on the food table...
(which W covered with lemonade right after I took this picture. No big deal- I had the shot, that is all I cared about! ha ha)

Ava and "the other Ava"....depends on the day to which one is which!
After eating, (notice B's special cup)

and a couple of pictures.... (The camo scarf was supposed to be B's birthday hat but he didn't want to wear it. I was kind of glad because I felt quite jaunty in it!)
 It was time for games!
Target practice!
Aiming for Bucky....
finding a new target. Ha!

  Sleeping bag races. (I put E in charge of these while mom and I got the cake and ice cream ready.)

 I had suckers for the winners, but E and Doug ate them!

Back inside to see the cake (Three layers of midnight fudge cake, with two-ingredient icing in the middle) and ice cream with tents,
  and sing Happy Birthday!
I just LOVED his face when everyone was singing!
B just wanted to eat the "fire" candy on top- 
but changed his mind after he tried it! (Made it with cinnamon and butterscotch candies, guess it was too spicy.)

Eating outside!
 I threw out some balloons I bought with B's name on them so the kids could play with them, but I threw them directly onto a bush near our deck and they all popped!!

It was starting to get dark (on top of the intermittent sprinkling), so time for PRESENTS!
 He got a lot of great gifts, and handed out the lantern gift bags I had made!
Inside was the Thank you card that Ben made 
some bracelets, a glow stick, camping drinks and trail mix.
One of the boys (O. Falk) even said it was the "best gift bag ever"!

That officially ended the party, but some kids stayed to catch lightning bugs and play . 
B ignored them all in favor of playing with his new toys inside.
 There was more fun yet to come......!

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Lindsay said...

What a great party!!! Looks everyone had a blast!