Monday, August 5, 2013

The Party after the Party

After everyone else left the birthday party, my parents, the Falks and my family gathered around the fire. (Except for my mom who was bushed and tried to sleep in the tent -hard with kids running around playing).
We had s'mores
and TRIED to make Jiffy Pop (3 times!).
Dan made it the best, so he's on permanent campfire Jiffy Pop duty!

We all slept in tents that night except my Dad and nephew.
 I woke up early to serve my crock pot casserole and some camp-out decorated toaster strudel.  
The Falks left and the rest of us lazed around until lunchtime, when Dad treated us all to Chipotle! It was my parents' first time eating the "bricks of goodness" and they liked it.
 B threw a giant fit that they were leaving and fell asleep in the 3 minutes it took for us to get from the restaurant to home! He was all birthday-ed out!

A couple of hours later, Kari and Doug came over and we actually played Settlers!
 On B's actual birthday, the next day,  I served him his requested breakfast, homemade donuts.
 in all kinds of fun shapes, faces, wheels and fours!

After church, He got his last present- his very own, brand-new bike (a gift from Bop Bop, Sherry, Alex and Morgan)!
He loves it! (After only having it a couple of days, he was already trying to do pedal standing up and other "tricks"! And he wonders why I make him wear a helmet even though he screams, "I don't WANT to protect my brain!")

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Lindsay said...

What an awesome birthday!! A camp out is an awesome idea!