Friday, October 4, 2013

Crossing off the List

Here's what we accomplished off of our fall bucket list this week! 

 Crow Art

  and a free iPod game(Lonely Crow).

Smoosh paint pumpkin,

squirrel sandwich

a new soup recipe

and Italian sodas! ( I just barely got these pictures before my camera went down with a lens error:( .... )

The theme for story time at the Library this week was Owls, so we did a counting game,

 read books,
 made a TP roll craft
another craft

a number recognition game I "owl-ified" (B threw a mouse and identified the number. If it was less than 20 he did that many actions (jump 11 times etc.) W threw two mice and added and subtracted the two numbers.)
 and had an owl snack!

 W helped me make some October decorations for the bathroom, 

  and snack and art combined- Cereal Indian corn!
One week down, at least 80 more things to cross off! :)

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

LOL at the one week down 80 to cross off! You did a great job in one week! I love the toilet paper holder!!