Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Food Fellowships

Our weekend was full of church and themed snacks!

Saturday night, while the boys went Trunk or treating (once with us, and while we were gone, with their Nuna),

Our Cub Scout leader's church- so nice! Indoors and had little games like fishing, golfing and bowling to play to "win" the candy. Also served dinner (hot dogs) which meant we didn't have to!

We saw some of W's school friends. One was also Steve from Minecraft. He paid 30-40 for his cardboard head! I made W's head and shirt for 6.00!
 The trunk or treat at the church near us (where E's mom took the boys)  had three rows of decorated cars and some big inflatables!
 E and I dressed up in our FREE costumes (E borrowed his shirt -the hat was all his idea- and that's right people, I can fit in my wedding dress again! Not sure for how long-I've totally fallen off the exercise bandwagon! Plus my rib cage has grown-no deep breaths for me! I tried to get E to bustle my dress, ha ha! Good thing my MIL came over, ha ha!)

and enjoyed all the treats at the Adult Sunday School  Halloween party! I came in blasting Mendelssohn's wedding march on my iPhone (had to make an entrance!)

and brought a candy corn veggie tray with a spooky hand

and some spider chocolate chip cookies! (They don't look as cool as the ones on pinterest, I guess my spiders are fat! ha ha)
My drink came in costume, too! Super pop!

We ate pulled pork, dessert, sides and one other spooky food,
 played two games with marshmallows,

musical chairs and telephone charades...
but the highlight was seeing all the costumes!

saw WAAAYY too much man thigh this night!

 It was a fun night!
 Now off to fill my new crock-pot for tonight's chili cook-off at church...I'm making "Button Buck and Beans"!

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Lindsay said...

Wow so much fun!! Love the costumes! Yay for fitting into your wedding dress :-)