Friday, November 8, 2013

First Week of November

This week, we used old candy wrappers for a cornucopia craft,
 sorted fall vegetable into odd and even (with help fromthe book Even Steven and Odd Todd and this video )
Voted (Took W. We were the 12th vote that day.)

 read an election book, watched a Berenstain Bears video and did a profile craft,

studied spelling words with cornmeal (very Fall-ish!)

  ate a "What Does the Fox Say" lunch, (peas are frozen. Make the night before and put in fridge-perfect by lunchtime!)
counted, compared, did patterns, opened and tasted different kinds of nuts, (B loved using the nutcrackers but did not like to eat any of the nuts.)
 started getting ready for the next holiday ,
  and played a multiplication game called Spiral!
Fun week!

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Lindsay said...

What a great first week! That spiral game looks like fun! The profile craft is just awesome!!