Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Story of Thanksgiving

Watching the Mouse and the Mayflower...
lots of books, and reviewing with a special lunch and story!
  A long time ago,  pilgrims (PUDDING)
traveled to America (NAPKIN) so they could worship God freely. 
The trip was long and hard. They survived on hard bread and salted meat (LUNCHMEAT). 
When they got to the new world, they had to build their homes from trees (PRETZELS) they cut down. Winter came (MARSHMALLOWS)  and most of the people got sick and died. 
Spring brought new hope. God sent Indian friends to teach them to plant (CORN) and where to find (FRUIT) and other food. 
The fall harvest was plentiful (CORNUCOPIA) and they had a three day feast to celebrate and thank God. That is why we set Thanksgiving day each year to thank God for all he has given and done for us!

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Lindsay said...

Oh my word the theme food is awesome!!! I LOVE the hat!!!