Saturday, December 7, 2013

Our December Calendar- Week 1

1. E finally wears me down by his constant asking and I open the gift he bought for us two days ago. (I would rather have a new camera but the coffee is nice.)

2.  W filled shoe boxes for shelters at Cub Scouts
 made an ornament,and had a "snowball" fight.

 3. I rearranged all the bookshelves in the house and W's room,
 and the boys had their Upward basketball evaluations.

Awana and got to see W be recognized as winner of this month's Library Stars program at school! 

5 Putting change in the bell-ringers bucket,

craft for me, (bought wooden letters, painted them, added glitter and hung them!)
and haircuts for the boys!
 6 Snowed in so couldn't go to a friend's birthday party, so had our second Christmas Show & Eat- Rudolph!
 A fun week!

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Lindsay said...

Whew what a week! LOL at opening your present early! We almost always end up doing that!!