Friday, December 20, 2013

Third Week of Christmas

We made Santa and elf handprints

Popsicle stick reindeer ornaments (oops, forgot the antlers!)
had a Grinch day- book, movie,

 snack, pajamas,

and craft!

 Played a Christmas math computer game, Watched E's favorite Christmas movie,
 handed out our teacher gift (We WASH you a Merry Christmas.... "and a CHAPPY New Year")

and sent fresh-baked loaves of bread ( too hot to seal!)and homemade strawberry jelly in for E's coworkers.

Friday, B laced some beads
 and I took more beads for a craft for W's class party at school.

I played a game with them, too.

Only one girl cried, so I guess it was a success!
Let Christmas Break Begin!

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Lindsay said...

That bread looks awesome!! Glad you had fun in W's class!