Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Week

a hand tracing valentine sticker tree

a foot painting from church,
 a placemat made out of valentines from classmates,
a celery stem rose card for the Grandmas,

 and a glittery heart for a cousin.

Movies (Valentine and Lego Batman),
An interactive virtual field trip to see how chocolate bars are made, practicing spelling words with chocolate,
 and indoor s'mores!(We even made one with an Oreo instead of a graham cracker- a S'mOreo! YUM!)

Some colored sugar crescent rolls, served with a lot of other desserts at a friend's house,
Heart shaped donuts for breakfast, (and a caramel coffee coolatta for me!)
 some fudgy homemade brownies and heart-shaped peanut butter cookies,
 and a homemade, stuffed-crust heart-shaped pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni (that had to be cooked creatively because I had no aluminum foil or pans big enough) !
It was funny- I had used up the flour making desserts so E had to bring me (a) FLOUR on Valentines day so I could make dinner! So romantic, ha ha!

W said "Pizza and chips and pop, this is the best dinner ever!" I told him it wasn't very good for his body, and he said, "But it's good for our taste buds!".

The boys woke up to hearts on their bedroom doors that told reasons why I loved them,

and some candy !
(B had a wonderful surprise for me, too! Not only was his pull-up dry all night, but he made a song up for me!) (VIDEO)

I gave E his card, too. He was making some sarcastic remark about something else, and I told him he had "a lot of sass for someone who isn't handing me something on Valentine's Day!".  He spread his hands wide (indicating himself) and said, "Here it is. Be my Valentine." Nervy! :)

 I did the boys chores for them, and changed out of my pajamas into real clothes to make E happy, but didn't really get anything in return, (and was a bit bummed about it because I was really hoping for some heart-felt handmade creation or a box of Lindt assorted chocolates :)  ) until the boys made this for me
  (after I had put them in bed!).
 W tried to play it cool, "Oh, we forgot to give this to you" then B chimes in, We made this in the dark!"

UPDATE: I got my gifts later.  E cleaned the house while I took a nap on Saturday, threw away all the kids socks and replaced with new ones (different styles for each boy) to make my life easier, AND I got a new pizza stone on Sunday night! Yay for Valentines!

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Lindsay said...

The cupids are too cute!! That pizza looks awesome!! yay for fun valentines for your boys.. boo for them not making you anything.. well until later ;-)