Sunday, March 16, 2014

This Week in Pictures

W missed school because of a fever virus.
I went to the girl doctor for the first time in three years. I was thirty pounds lighter and half an inch shorter than the last time. My BP was 140/84, then 136/88. I had to write my age four times on the paperwork (rub it in already) and admit that I take children's gummy vitamins (they were B1G1)!

I played volleyball with my church and served 12 points in a row! I always bounce the ball three times before I serve and the other team started counting the bounces out loud to try to throw me off! They even switched to different languages, which I thought was hilarious! Unfortunately, that game was the only one we won out of the three we played, bringing our record to a dismal 2 and 9.

B did a craft. (I'm not sure this is the craft he did on this actual day, since we do a craft every day, but here it is anyway!)
My niece had stood on our toy table while she was here this weekend and when W went to shove a toy bin into it, it collapsed, so E built me a new one!! I was leery when he said he built it out of scrap wood (thinking it would be all different weird pieces of wood), but it was perfect!
I told him I want three more, pronto! :)

W missed school again. E registered B for kindergarten. (SOB!) Nuna came over for dinner and the boys got a little outside time.

We went to story hour at the library as usual.
W returned to school, but missed church because he was so tired from going back. I went, but none of the kids in my class showed up! (Usually I go help another class when that happens, but since I had had a two-day-weather-changing headache, I went home.)  

It snowed in the afternoon. (Will this winter never end??)

After I did cardioX, (and proved to my college friend I could still do the splits. Edited because my shorts rode up a bit.)...
I went to pick up W from his last basketball practice of the season. It was the parents vs kids half court scrimmage and I relieved E.
 I blocked a pass to W accidentally (my back was to the ball, I wasn't even looking!!) and later, I made a shot! W then missed a shot and burst into tears. Poor guy. (I think he was still recovering from his illness earlier in the week.)

I cleaned out and vacuumed the car (There was a LOT of junk!)
and made a special dessert for Pi Day!
   It was nice enough for the boys to play outside...
and help daddy by moving the trash can from the curb!
That night, while E took the boys to W's baseball practice, I went to Chili's with Kari and Kara! Afterwards, we went back to Kari's house for some of Kara's amazing 5-bricks-of-cream-cheese-peanut-butter-cheesecake!!

We didn't get home until 2:15 a.m.! When my friend Kara got home, she checked the back door and smelled something burning. One of her kids had plugged in a hot glue gun and left it on the carpet. It burned a hole and was smoking. If she hadn't been out with us, she would have gone to bed at the same time as the rest of her family and never have caught it. Her house could have burned down!! So thankfully for God protecting her and sending her into the room at the right time!

Basketball, of course.
E had to go to the grocery store because he snapped his toothbrush while brushing (HULK!)! W and I spent the evening working on W's Ben Franklin biography report. (picture taken Sunday)
B fell asleep while we were working, so he stayed up after his normal bedtime. He didn't go to bed until after he ate a late night snack of cheese hot dogs with E,
took a bath, and blow-dried his hair (he doesn't like to go to bed with wet hair)!
We had lunch at Dickey's BBQ after church with Kari and Kara and their families (15 people total!) I wore my new wrap dress (but of course didn't take pictures).

The boys got haircuts while I took my nap. B invented a new food before church-a hot dog wrapped in bologna. (He decided he didn't like it.)

Like every Sunday night, E and the boys help stack chairs in the sanctuary after church . (Awanas uses that room for game time on Wednesday.)
If you look closely, you can see that B is wearing his green plastic glasses (cheap kids sunglasses that I popped the lenses out of). He wore them Sunday morning and evening to church so he could look like E!

Just another week in our life!

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MelissaB said...

Good grief! Thirty pounds??? What an accomplishment!!! You do look great by the way. So jealous of your willpower. Can I borrow some? :)