Saturday, October 25, 2014

Church Costume Party

 This year's costume party was Family Feud! Our team decided on Toy Story!
E's costume was a an easy 25.00 kit from the store!

I wanted to be Bo Peep (I know, I know...In the movie Bo Peep likes Woody...but I don't have the tall, thin body to be Jesse) but it was so hard to find something church appropriate to wear! My plan B was to wear E's camo and be the army guy, but luckily a girl from church let me borrow the hoop skirt she wore at her wedding. I paired it with a Salvation Army shirt (with lace sewed on), the boys' safari hat and some blue fabric!

 For the pitch-in, I made more witch hats (using up treats I bought for our movie night)
 some Zombie pretzels,

and in lieu of a 2 liter, some "brain juice" (koolaid with a cauliflower floating in it).
Our competition was fierce! The "Pantomimes",
 the group from The Wizard of Oz,
 and others! After a pulled pork pitch in, we got to the Feud!
Our team!
I love how E kept his hands on his hips, just like the real Buzz!
 Playing against the 80's Athletic team!
We won our first match, and made it to the final showdown (or whatever it is called).
 Our questions: 1. Name something you enter feet first.
2. Name someone famous you would NOT want to jump out of your birthday cake in your birthday suit. (The top answer was Rosie O'Donnel.)
3. Name something women want their husbands to do for them but never ask them. (I wish I had said "rub my feet" or something. And for the record, I like cooking and don't want E to take that over! :)  )
4. Horse face can be used to describe a person, what other animal description can be used on a person?
5. What is something a nudist would not want to sit on? (The top answer was a cactus.)
 Each team (There were 7) got to play twice.
Our next game, we played against the weather team. Here, E heads off against "The sun".
 What is something people lose in the mall?
  We ended the night with a costume contest! I nominated Charisse for a prize...
but it was me who won second place and a Starbuck's gift card! (The winner dressed up like Richard Simmons!)  
 Afterwards, E and I came home and watched a movie! The boys got to spend the night with their Nuna, so we all had a blast!

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Lindsay said...

oh my goodness this sounds like so much fun!! I love the family fued!!