Friday, October 31, 2014

October Crafts, Snacks and Activities

TP roll pinecone
a friend with our cinnamon contact paper acorn craft
Jack o lantern apple pie, drizzled with caramel

Costume, cutting and gluing
Can you guess what W wants to be?
Handprint leaves
Celebrating Fire Safety Month with a painted TP roll Dalmatian.
B's semi truck made at library story time
accordion folden Crow with crow cookies (We practiced identifying syllables with crow sounds this day, too.)
- count seeds onto pumpkin

knuckle pumpkin patch (B drew seeds in his pumpkins, and added a tractor!),
tradition- Halloween cereal!
spooky pudding

Bat coffee filter craft

"skeleton bones" spelling word practice

Dollar store frame, and straws gluing
monster and candy sequencing/patterns

 spider stickers
cotton ball candy corn hat

pumpkin bowling and tic tac toe!

pumpkin guy craft from library story time. (B didn't lace the shoes because they are Velcro like his Skechers.)
playing with eyeball bubbles
Coffee cup Frankenstein

pumpkin letter matching
bloodshot runny eggs 
Monster stickers
JACK O LANTERN apple print

homemade donut hole spider eggs

a Hedwig bag for trick or treating made by W!
  Pumpkin broom race. (When they were done, I let them smash the pumpkin from the top deck!)
 glitter ghost

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Lindsay said...

oh my goodness so much fun packed into the post! You are a great mom!!